Welcome to Noah's Ark Gaming on Steam

Welcome to Noah’s Ark, a realistic simulation game inspired by stories from Genesis of the Bible. Now it’s time for you to be like Noah and build a famous ship, save (hunt) animals and survive during the biggest flood ever. Are you ready for this challenge?


Noah's Ark clearly had a modest scenic budget, but they did their best to create an atmosphere that inspires the flavour of this timeless biblical tale.


Noah's Ark was intended to be Salvation Room's more family-oriented game - and for the first two-thirds of it, they essentially accomplished that goal.


The animals themselves were of the plush variety, which gave this game a very kid-friendly look.


Salvation Room had a good thing with their early momentum in Noah's Ark, but bizarrely chose to jettison that momentum then.

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Review of Noah's Ark

We thank Noah’s Salvation Room for inviting us to play this game. While free admission was generously granted, that in no way affects the opinion expressed in this review.

Super 3D Noah's Ark

Whether you grew up in a Christian home or not, everyone knows the story of Noah and his ark.

Due to the unofficial license of this game in its early days on the SNES, it has not been given an ESRB rating.

First and foremost, this is a Wolfenstein clone. If you have enjoyed that game in the past then you will definitely enjoy this one.

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